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“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”
2 Timothy 2:15 (NIV)

A Leadership and Ethics course designed for adults who desire to complete a ministry focused program for personal growth, increased training, and/or advancement in their workplace or volunteer setting.
Leadership program will:

     • Demonstrate character and behavior in personal life as well as in a church, and/or work environment.
     • Communicate effectively in a church, and/or work environment.
     • Facilitate positive church, and/or work relationships.
     • Exhibit confidence in personal leadership skills.

Program Requirements

60 total hours required for graduation
Program Entrance Requirements: 40 hours

 • First Year

Bible and Theology 20 hours, Foundational 8 hours

Course Course Description Hours
PD-1112 Professional Development 4
OT-1113 Old Testament 4
NT-1114 New Testament 4
BA-1115 Biblical Application 4
BLP-1116 Biblical Leadership Principles 4
TCT-1117 The Christian Theology 4
TLB-1118 The Life of the Believer 4
28 hours

Course Course Description Hours
PC-1119 Professional Communication 4
BA-1120 Business Administration 4
EBP-1121 Ethical Business Practical’s 4
MB-1122 Ministry Behavior 4
LM-1123 Leadership & Management 4
BE-1124 Business Ethics 4
CR-1125 Conflict Resolution 4
IBM Introduction to Biblical Maturity 4
32 hours

Pastoral Ministries

The Pastoral Ministries program is the primary course offered to persons who wish to prepare for service as a pastor. Completion of the Pastoral Ministries course fulfills the requirements for ordination as church elder in GAP Ministries.


Completion of this program should enable students to:

1. Grow and mature in the holiness as mature church elder and or a Pastor.
2. Participate in evangelism and outreaches as part of Pastoral ministry.
3. Administrate and lead a local church.
4. Practice compassionate Pastoral care in a congregation and the community.

Program Requirements

99 total hours required for graduation

General Education Requirements
Second Year Course Requirements

Course Course Description Hours
EC-2013 English Composition I 3
EC-2023 English Composition II 3
CL-2043 Classical Literature 3
LLS-2003 Life Learning Skills 3
WWH-2013 Western World History 3
WWEMS-2113 Western World/Emerging Modern Society 3
GM-2004 General Mathematics 3
ICS-2113 Introduction to Christian Service 3
ICM-2223 Introduction to Christian Maturity 3
PCE-3313 Philosophy and Christian Ethics 3
IP-2223 Introduction to Psychology 3
GPS-2224 General Physical Science 3
IS-2225 Introduction to Sociology 3
IC-2226 Introduction to Christianity 3
ICT-2227 Introduction to Christian Thought 3
45 hours

Bible and Theology Requirements

Course Course Description Hours
IOT-3332 Introduction to the Old Testament 3
INT-3333 Introduction to the Old Testament 3
BS-3334 Introduction to the Old Testament 3
PPS-3335 Principles of Public Speaking 3
NT-3336 New Testament 3
SWM-3337 Signs, Wonders, and Miracles 3
SI-3338 Spiritual Intersection 3
BC-3339 Bible Covenant 3
CEM-3310 Christian Educational Ministries 3
TI-3311 Theology I 3
GE-3312 Global Evangelism 3
DH-3313 Doctrine of Holiness 3
36 hours
EL-4417 Elders & Leadership 3
CAF-4418 Church Administration and Finance 3
PCC-4419 Pastoral Care and Counseling 3
CPI-4420 Christian Preaching I 3
CPII-4421 Christian Preaching II 3
PM-4422 Pastoral Ministries 3